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Sourcing Material Crop  
Our first step towards sourcing your product is to determine whether we can produce it in our own factory locally, or whether it is a product more suited for our overseas factories to handle.

The five criteria that determine this decision are:

Your Target Price.
Your order quantity.
Whether it must comply with South African regulators.
     (e.g proudly South African)

The intricacy of your product.
The material required to make it.

If it is not viable to produce your product locally due to one of the above constraints then we will continue to widen our search across the globe to accommodate these shortfalls.

Sourcing Bamboo
Sourcing Collage Our overseas Sourcing Process is as follows

Locate new product sourcing channels through our extensive network of supplier contacts. Identify and evaluate suitable suppliers in terms of production quality, price, and capacity. We analyze competing bids and advise our clients on the best available option.

Perform due diligence on the supplier - this is a critical step before you begin any business relationship, given the wide spectrum of quality for Chinese suppliers. Sourcing Solutions performs supplier audit, factory inspection, and coordinates international inspection certifications so that you are guaranteed to work with a reliable source.

Negotiate pricing and contract terms to make sure you receive the best protection possible. Having the properly drafted contracts in place is paramount in deterring breaches in agreement and resolving disagreements. Sourcing Solutions bind suppliers to production contracts drafted in the appropriate language and sets stringent standards for quality, delivery, and compensation.

For complex products or large production volumes, we coordinate multiple suppliers with a lead manufacturer performing final assembly and testing.

Operational costs in China, proven product quality and efficient logistic supply channels, and our ability to find and negotiate the best price on your behalf. View Our Product Sourcing Process