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An important part of the shipping process is the way in which your products are packaged to ensure minimal damage during freight. It would be pointless fulfilling all the steps above, only to find when the goods arrive that they are damaged. We have very strict measures in place to avoid such dangers.

Once the product is packaged correctly and ready for shipment, we will look for the most economical logistics options:

This process is crucial as it can make or break the product’s potential profits.

South African Customs are very strict with imported goods and if the paperwork or tariff codes are not applied correctly it could have a major impact on our profits.

Evaluate and select the most efficient and cost-effective shipping option
Consolidate shipments from multiple suppliers
Handle Customs clearance and export documents for trouble-free entry of the products into your country
Purchase and negotiating export quotas (where applicable)
Warehousing solutions

Shipping Collage