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Pricing is the key to a products success. The lowest price in most cases however, may not yield the best quality product. This is where you can use our experience to find the balance between price and quality.

Sourcing Solutions offer a comprehensive method of quoting

Official Quote
When acquiring a realistic costing for a product  there are many hidden factors and risks which need to be taken into account such as;
1.Design and concept  fees
2. Mould and development costs
3. Sampling fees
4. Fluctuating exchange rates
5. Estimating carton size and shipping costs
6. Lead times and penalties
7. Ex factory road freight costs
8. Local road freight costs
9. Warehousing and storage Fees
10. Tariff and customs duty
11. Forex transfers
From our sourcing team this process requires a great deal of time and effort. A commitment fee of R500 will be charged for an official all inclusive quote. This fee will be deducted from your first order.

Pricing Official Quote
Sampling or prototypes

When requiring production samples there are 2 scenarios which are taken into account, such as;

1. Receiving samples of an existing product
We usually direct the cost of the sample fees and the airfreight to the client.

2. Receiving a custom made sample(OEM)
This requires a design and set up fee which will be worked out during official quoting. Please see comments under Design, conceptualizing and rapid prototyping.

Pricing Collage

Moulding or Setup
Most OEM(custom) manufacturing require a mould or set up fee this will be charged according to the intricacy and materials used during the development. This fee will be charged separately to the unit price.

Purchase Order
Once you accept our quotation and you are happy with the necessary samples provided you will be required to place a 50% deposit to begin the full production. This will secure full delivery of your order. No international factory will release products until payment is made in full. Sourcing Solutions will pay this balance on your behalf and reduce your risk so that you can receive and check your goods before the final payment is made.

Design, conceptualizing and rapid prototyping
This is usually done inhouse and the intricacy of the product along with its development will determine whether we will charge an hourly rate of $50(R350) or as an entire project.