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Phase 1

Your Big Idea
This is the first step where the client approaches Sourcing Solutions with their Big Idea or proposal for their product.

Job Card Analyses

We begin the process by asking the client to fill out a project card to clearly identify their needs and help us form the foundation of a well defined strategy.

Concept Planning
We will create a technical concept from the clients brief and present it to our creative team for brain-storming and visual development. An analyses of the correct material will also be carried out.

Concept Development
The Sourcing Solutions creative team will design a digital 3D surface model and drawings of the concept. The client will be asked to make any final adjustments before any further modelling.

Modelling & Prototyping
On approval the client can decide whether they would like us to build a physical 3D model through the use of our Rapid prototyping technology. This usually helps the client to visualize the end product and helps us determine any potential engineering challenges.

Phase 2

Your Sample
If the client already has a physical sample or picture of the product, they may redeem it unnecessary to produce drawings, 3D models and prototypes. In which case the client will skip phase one and start the process from phase two.

Local Sourcing
We will assess whether the product can be made in our own factory or whether there is any factory locally that specialize in this particular design manufacturing.

International Sourcing
If we find that the product it is not possible to manufacture locally we will then send a sample, prototype or picture to our Agencies overseas for them to find the most suitable vendor to make the product at the most reasonable price.

A final quotation based on the sample, prototype or picture will be sent to the client. This will be an all inclusive price delivered to your door and will include mould costs, unit price, packaging costs (if necessary), and shipping costs.

Moulding & Prototyping
Once the quotation has been approved by the client and the set up fee has been paid, the factory will begin making the mould provided the product requires any kind of tooling.

Phase 3

Your Approval
The client will receive the first production sample for approval.

Production Sample
Once the first production sample is ready we will then have it sent to the client for any final adjustments.

Full Production

After approval of the production sample the client will pay a 50% deposit on the total order. Full production will commence from here onwards and the first quality inspection will be carried out.

Shipping & Logistics
Once the main production is complete a further quality inspection will take place before the products are finally packed. Once everything is up to standard we will inform our Shipping agents to collect the goods and forward them to us.

Delivery of goods
Once the Shipment arrives on our shores, our freight forwarders will make sure all the documents are in order for it to efficiently clear customs. The shipment is then transported to our Durban Factory for further inspection. Finally the goods are sent to the client where upon their satisfaction the balance of full payment is made.