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Meterial Metals Materials are a very important part of product design and can have a major impact on the look, quality and price of a product. Sourcing Solutions are also very actively aware of the negative impact certain materials have on our environment. It is for this reason that we dedicate a lot of energy into sourcing materials that are mostly “green” for example, we will try and use Bamboo instead of wood, and recycled plastic instead of virgin plastic. We will steer clear of any toxic ingredients such as lead or asbestos. All our base metals or alloys are environmentally friendly. We have vast experience in most metals or alloys and their applications such as stainless steel, brass, cast iron, copper aluminium, zinc, chrome, nickel, pewter, tin, titanium, silver , glass,  high quality crystal, recycled or virgin blown, stamped, slumped plastics, injection moulded, bamboo laminated, carbonated natural woods, natural or compressed leather, high quality or pu / pvc  fabrics for the ceramics grass woven. Meterials Glass