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  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average time to get all the quotes ?
It will depend on the number of items and the complexity/specifications of the products. If similar products are already being manufactured in China and raw materials are readily available, the process usually takes 7-14 days to have a relatively good comparison between suppliers. Let us know what your deadlines are and we will try our best to accommodate your schedule.

What are the product guarantees available to us?
Our guarantee on the products is that they must pass quality inspection before shipping. After production (and prior to shipping), you can appoint Novomethod, one of your affiliates, or a third party inspection agency (such as SGS) to issue a quality certificate. This guarantees that the goods are approved by you or someone you trust before it is shipped.

What are the contracting documents that need to be completed to import the products?
Our clients typically initiate the process with an official purchase order, and Novomethod follows with a sales confirmation/pro forma invoice, which can be used to apply for an import permit (if necessary).

Will the suppliers sign non-disclosure agreements in addition to standard contracts?
All suppliers are required to sign tailor-made confidentiality agreements to protect your investment.

What is the average shipping time?
Usually about 20-30 days by sea freight, depending on destination and route. Rush items can be delivered using air freight.

What are the acceptable forms of payment?
Usually payment is handled by a Letter of Credit or T/T (or a combination of the two), in EUR or USD currency.

Frequently Asked Questions Shipping
What is the minimum volume we have to order?
The minimum volume depends on suppliers and products. Generally lower volumes result in higher unit prices due to production inefficiencies. Shipping cost per unit would also increase. In terms of shipping, ordering by FCL (Full Container Load) is the most cost-effective method. However, partial containers, charged by the cubic meter, is also a viable option.

What is the timing to receive an order?
This will depend on the supplier and the order volume. We can accommodate clients under heavy time pressure by shifting production to less busy suppliers. Typically, the turnover is about 30-40 days for a size able order. Ocean freight will take an additional 25-30 days.

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