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Sourcing Solutions is proud to be host to a worthy team of multi-talented designers. Our capabilities cover industrial design and product innovation, 3d digital modelling, 3d rendering graphic design, Sculpture.

3D digital modelling and rendering
We have access to the latest technology in cad design modelling and rendering to help you understand and visualize the finished product and its overall look from different angles. It is also an error free way of allowing the moulding and manufacturing to be more precise.

Rapid Prototyping
This is a process we use to create a physical prototype from our digital drawings and 3d models. The product is usually machined in materials such as wax or resin and serves as a clear guideline of what the results will be of the finished product’s shape and functionality.

Design 3D Printer
Design Moulding Sculpture
If the product you require is leaning more towards an artwork as apposed to an engineered item, we boast the services of a very capable sculptor. Whether it is realistic wildlife or abstract forms and figures we can design it for you.

Graphic Design
We are able to offer this in-house service to assist you with any logo branding, Desktop publishing and even packaging for your products.