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Corporate Gifts Buyers
Our speciality is in assisting all types of businesses and promotional agencies to develop their ideas into a reality using stylish innovations that best represent their specific requirements. It does not necessarily have to be a new idea. Many of our customers are in need of a new supplier for an existing product of theirs mainly due to the lack of quality or price issues. We simply use our resources and view their sample as a guideline for improvements. Please note that we will always respect and be totally ethical with regards to any patent or copyright on any products that we deal with.

Special Event Companies
Similar to our Corporate Gifts we have the capability of innovating and designing unique products to suit any occasion. An example of this are the specialized gifts we have made for the soccer world cup 2010...see more

Retailers online and offline
We can assist concept stores both physically and online with the introduction of tailor made products that are totally unique in their industry. We can also help source similar stock items to what you are used to selling.
Customer Vuvuzela Pen
Customer Andy C Display Wholesalers
We have the resources to produce any goods at the lowest possible prices because we are either manufacturing it ourselves or getting it direct from other manufacturers. This means that our prices are low enough to be sold on to distributors and wholesalers.

Looking for new additions to their existing range? Like any business a brand has to reinvent itself periodically to stay on top. We can assist in expanding your products to grow your Brand.

Perhaps you have a product that is beyond your means of manufacturing because it is too intricate or of a different material. Perhaps you are simply in search of a certain component to complete your product. As manufacturers ourselves, we are fully aware of the needs in the industry. Let us help you find you are looking for.